The Conference Beyond Words was a great succes!

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Van Gogh and Nemo-Science center


Van Gogh and Nemo-Science center

At the end of the day there is plenty of time to meet up with your international colleagues in an informal setting. Various interesting social events will be organised for you for this purpose; so bring your partner and enjoy the highlights of Amsterdam!

27 May 2016
After the first day of the congress an exclusive evening at the Van Gogh Museum will be organised for you. Bring out a toast with your colleagues and be amazed by the extended collection of the most famous Van Gogh paintings! Costs of this event are € 65,- (taxes excluded).
28 May 2016
At the end of the congress you are more than welcome to join the closing ceremony at the Nemo Science Center. For this dinner party the dresscode is Tenue de Ville (Business smart).

‘Tenue de ville’ is a French dress code; it means literally town or city clothing. ‘Tenue de ville’ dates back to the turn of 19th and 20th century, like all dress codes as e.g. ‘black tie’ and ‘white tie’, which are more festive. In those days one had to dress up when you – coming from the country side – were going in to town. No brown or green tweeds for gentlemen as well as no blouses and skirts for the ladies. Gentlemen were awaited in a dark suit and ladies appeared in an elegant dress.

Ever since the dress code ”tenue de ville” developed into the formal ‘dark- or lounge suit’ – with tie of course - for the gentlemen and an elegant – not festive or low necked – dress or ensemble for the ladies. And since Angela Merkel , Hillary Clinton and Aung San Suu Kyi an ensemble may include – elegant and long - pants.

Costs of this event are included in the congress fee.